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Founders of

  • Coach Mike Walker BS, MA, Executive Director and Founder of PostYourT.
  • Linda Walker, Co-Founder of PostYourT.

Advisory Board of

  • Mike Hasch, Athletic Director, Noblesville H.S.
  • Mickey Rice, Coach
  • Andrew Einterz, Attorney at Law
  • Tom Nipp, Former Mayor of New Castle

Staff of

  • Tom Nipp, President.
  • Coach Mike Walker, Director of Games.
  • Mickey Rice, Florida Games Chairman.
  • Shane Walker, Sports Information Director.
  • Coach Logan Faulkner, College Coordinator 

In honor of faith and family, Post Your T never holds games on Sunday - and never will.





PostYourT All Star Soccer Games 

Saturday November 1st @ Knightstown High School 

(click on link above for directions)


PostYourT All Star Volleyball Games

Saturday November 29th @ Munciana in Yorktown

(click on link above for directions)


 We are proud to announce


"This is a wonderful event. Mike Lingenfelter at Munciana, Mike Walker,

and everyone else did a fantastic job of working things out to put this together."

                                                                                                                                  Coach Don Shondell






Volleyball          Boys Soccer       Girls Soccer 



GIRLS GAME #1, 9:30 a.m.


Erica Franz, Heritage - G

Josie Brunton, Heritage - D

Veronica Hare, Heritage - D

Danielle Baugh, S. Ripley - G

Ellie Ayres, S. Ripley - MF

Carah Beck, S. Ripley - F

Sarah Boyken, S. Ripley - F

Nikki Mittenthal, Richmond - G/D

Samantha Wilson, Richmond - F

Braxtyn Hurley, Richmond - F

Alexis Shiplett, Richmond - D

Grace Bate, Shelbyville - MF

Madalyn Toll, Shelbyville - D

Katelyn Buchanan, Wapahani - MF

Katie Leach, Wapahani - F 



Cybil Johnson, Western - G

Kelli Kingseed, Tri-Central - G

Jenna Seaman, Western - MF

Courtney Pitzer, Western - MF

Kaitlyn Butler, N. Harrison - MF

Taylor Neely, Greenwood - MF

McKenzie McCoy, Whiteland - D

Selena Sanders, Whiteland - MF/D

Meredith Cavaleri, Whiteland - D

Madi Brewer, Tri-Central - CB/F

Morgan Tyler, Rochester - D

Adreanna Faine, N. Miami - F

Cretie Eckrote N. Miami - MF

Michaela Stiver, N. Miami - F 

Bella Borse, N. Miami - MF


GIRLS GAME #2, 11:00 a.m. 



McKella Lynette, Greenburg - G

Molly Redmon, Greensburg - D

Eve Galbreath, Switzerland - G

Nicole Leap, Switzerland - D

Rebekah Harris, Jeffersonville - D/M/S

Sarah Martin, Greensburg - D

Josie Giglio, Switzerland - M/D

Emma Giglio, Switzerland - RM/LM

Sarah Lancaster, Wawasee - F

Brooke Martin, Greensburg - F/MFW

Jade Ice, Angola - D

Taylar Jordan, Switzerland - Mid/F

Jessie Johnson, Angola - D

Megan Dasis, Switzerland - M/F

Caitlin Clevenger, Wawasee - MF/Stopper

Jade Mullins, Switzerland - CF/CM



MacKenzie Myars, Faith Christian - G

Brooke Myars, Faith Christian - S

Shelbi Hunter, Owen Valley - D

Kaylee Smith, Owen Valley - G

Delaney Rohlman, Scecina - MF

Madelyn Roark, Trinity Lutheran - F

Morgan Weidner, Beech Grove - D

Amanda Davies, Faith Christian - D/MF

Hannah Miller, Owen Valley - F/MF

Monica Higgins, Scecina - CM

Cassidy Bruner, Beech Grove - D

Carolyn Wetzel, Faith Christian - F

Savanah Hauk, Owen Valley - D

Marissa Boyer, Faith Christian - MF

Sarah Beatley, Beech Grove - F

Dakota Hopkins, Beech Grove - D


GIRLS GAME #3, 12:30 p.m. 


Abbey Butler, Christian Academy - G

Lindsey Sachleben, Madison - F

Hannah Cotter, Columbia City - D

Shelby Rupp, Batesville - F

Shelby Garing, Mishawaka - B

Maya Caldwell, International - G

Taylor Roberts, Franklin County - D

Tori Oesch, Westview - MF

Hope Storie, Madison - R/H/B

Trista Roller, Mishawaka - MF

Catherine Fisher, Madison - CD

Stephanie Reece, Franklin County - MF

Riley Hochstetler, Westview - MF/F

Stephanie Mowrey, Westview - F

Taylor Hammond, Franklin County - MF

Mikalah Reimer, Columbia City - MF/F 



Jordan Blemker, Wood Memorial - G

Esperanza Gomez, Wood Memorial - D/MF

Destiny Flores, Hammond - F

Lorena Diaz, Hammond - MF

Sarah Weller, Brownsburg - CB

Camryn Rassbach, Hobart - MF

Brenna Maikranz, Wood Memorial - F

Georgina Diaz, Hammond - MF

Morgan Loveless, Wood Memorial - D

Elizabeth Navarro, Hammond - F/MF

Taliah Borom, Brownsburg - F

Hana Daws, Wood Memorial - M/D

Miriam Martinez, Hammond - G

Natalie Nowesnick, Andrean - Mid/F


BOYS GAME #1 - 2:00 p.m.


Jacob Coats, Eastside - G/D

Luke Onken, Trinity Lutheran - G

Dylan Kiser, Eastside - MF

Parker Criswell, Trinity Lutheran - Stopper

Trent Wight, Charlestown - Attacking MF

Caleb Kramer, New Palestine - C/MF

Matthew Ernster, New Palestine - CD

Jeremiah Sipes, Southwestern Shelby - MF

Adam Emerick, Southwestern Shelby - D

Andrew Stine, Connersville - M

Benny Sumners, International - Striker

Justus O'Neil, International - MF

Izzy Herrera, International - F

Caleb Marsh, Penn - D

Jeremy Meadows, Greensburg - MF/Striker 



Matt Potacki, Griffith - G

T. J. Terry, S. Vermillion - G

Caleb Harrison, S. Vermillion - C/M

Brandon Strange, Washington Catholic - D

Zachary Williams, Washington Catholic - D

Malik Gayler, Southmont - CF

Mikal Farabee, Southmont - D/Sweeper

Damion Hart, Shoals - MF

Kyle Courtright, Shoals - F/Mid

Noah Fritts, Wood Memorial - F

Liam Brown, Wood Memorial - MF

Carlos Portillo, Beech Grove - Striker

Jalen Tolbert, Pike - D

Zack Taylor, Washington Catholic - MF 

Tristan Taylor, Washington Catholic - MF


BOYS GAME #2, 3:30 p.m.



Charles Kocher, Shelbyville - G

Tyce Taylor, Shelbyville - F

Jordan Collins, Lakewood Park - Mid/DB

Adam Hollman, Lakewood Park - G

Bradey Gerke, Lakewood Park - F/Mid

Robert Beisley, Liberty Christian - MF

DaMarcus Watkins, Liberty Christian - F

Brayden Etherington, Liberty Christian - F

Abraham Bernardo-Franko, Frankfort - Striker

Kyle Giebel, Frankfort - D

Josh Walton, Mississinewa - D

Austin Barker, Mississinewa - D

Matt Llorens, Mississinewa - HB

Curtis Wright, Rushville - D/CB

Austin Bolyard, Rushville - D/CB




Mike Buck, Bloomington N. - G

Jacob Maule, W. Lafayette - G

Zack Veldman, Bloomington N. - M/F

Yacob Wells, Bloomington N. - MF

David Bell, W. Lafayette - F

Costa James, W. Lafayette - Holding C,MFD

Lev Zemlyanov, W. Lafayette - Attacking M, CM

Max Swan, Faith Christian - O/Mid

Eliseo Hernandez, Hammond - CM

Ivan Romero, Hammond - CM

Rafael Garcia, Hammond - F

Cole Henke, Forest Park - D/F

Matt Jacob, Roncalli - CAM

Kevin Mendoza, Richmond - R/M/Strike 

Evan Witmer, Lakewood Park - F/Mid 


About The Games

We are the Original Class All-Star Games since 2005!
It is the mission of PostYourT to honor players who make your best "better". We are looking for players who may be overlooked...AND UNDER THE RADAR. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for these players to be HONORED. 
Any coaches interested in coaching in the All-Star Games, please contact Coach Walker-
Coach Mike Walker, Founder | 765.779.4110 |  

What people think of the Games

“The East/West All-Star Games is one of the best all-star events in the Midwest. From playing in the game (in 2006) to recruiting from it, the talent has gotten better every year. In this all day event, it’s fun to watch such a great collection of talented young men/women compete at a high level. This all-star game is a 5-star event from the players, coaches, fans, referees, to the organizers who all do an unbelievable job. We look forward to coming to the game every year.”

Lance Robinson
Men’s Basketball Recruiter
Aurora University, Illinois

"Recently, one of our seniors, was noticed while participating in this event and a few weeks later committed to a full scholarship to Danville Junior College. Thanks to the exposure he received, he found an opportunity to further his career as a student athlete. All of the players from Charlestown as well as myself have enjoyed the opportunity for exposure and the playing experience in participating in the Post Your T All Star Games."

Sean Smith
Special Education Teacher, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Charlestown High School  - GO PIRATES!!!

"What a great way to honor All-Star players, those who have worked hard and excelled in soccer skills and sportsmanship. Our male athletes enjoyed the higher level competition. I enjoyed meeting some top notch female players in the state and coaching them. A worthwhile and exciting day!"

Coach Elizabeth Beasley, M.Ed.
Head Coach Southside Thunder Soccer

Welcome to Post Your T! is the producer of all-star games that honor and showcase top players from all 4 classes - not just the "super stars". We help high school boys and girls to display their athletic talents via our games. Our mission is to help these athletes get into college – our games help to connect them with college coaches. We are particularly interested in good kids that play sports but are "under the radar" and could use a leg-up from us!  Our games give all the players a chance to shine and be honored!

Home of the original All-Class All-Star Games

High School Coaches!  Do you have talented players on your team?  Have they been noticed by any colleges?  Then is for you!

College Coaches!  Do you need talent to take your team to the next level but don’t have the budget to go recruiting? Then is for you!

Some of the College coaches that have attended our games!

  • Indiana Wesleyan College, IN
  • Franklin College, IN
  • Danville J. C. IN
  • South Western Illinois College
  • University of South Carolina Up State
  • Kaskaskia College J. C.  IL
  • Ancilla J. C. IN
  • Manchester College
  • Taylor University
  • Marian College, IN

High School Players!  Would you like to be noticed by colleges all over the US – or even the world?  Would you like to tell everybody how good you and your teammates are?  Then is for you!

Parents of Athletes!  Do you want your athletic sons or daughters to continue their education and realize their dreams?  Can you afford to pay for all their schooling?  Then is for you!

Athletic Boosters and Sponsors!  Would you like your teams to gain national exposure and recognition?  How would you like for every one of the players on your favorite team to have the chance to go to college?  Then is for you! is where you can POST YOUR TALENTS!  Here we provide a place where High School Athletes can get noticed by college recruiters and coaches.

John 3:16


These are a few players from our games!
Just some of the action at the All-Star Games!

Contact PYT

You can contact us in the following ways:

Mailing Address:

Post Your T
P. O. Box 134
Middletown, IN 47356


Phone: (765) 779-4110


DIRECTOR: Coach Mike Walker -

WEB MASTER: If you are having problems with our web site you can contact our web development staff.

For scholarship information e-mail